Whether you are raising capital or deploying capital, you should have a professional team to help you make sure that you are protected.


You know your story is exciting, but are you telling it in the right way? Are you telling it to the right people? Don't let your project get lost.

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Decentra Legal

We offer everything you need for your public offerings: Prospectus Creation and Review, Terms & Conditions, Risk Factors, Escrow, Jurisdiction Selection, just to name a few.

For Investors, we provide Legal Risk Assessment, Due Diligence, Escrow, Purchase Agreements and Joint Venture Transactions, among other services.

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Decentra Marketing

In the noisy world of fundraising, it's a challenge to make your project stand out as unique. We have the tools to address the challenge. Strategic Messaging, Website Management, Social Media, Digital Media Campaigns, Graphic Design, Sales Support, and Community Building are all part of the mix we bring to your project.


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