Raising capital is full of legal pitfalls. You need sound advice to protect you and your investors. We provide the risk management and protection required.

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Large transactions require trust. Escrow removes the need for trust. Through our conventional escrow services, we can ensure that transactions go smoothly, for both the buyer and seller.

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Your idea needs a story, and your story is your brand. We position your brand to mean something and make sure your story is unique and compelling.

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Due Diligence

So you've identified a great idea to invest in. But is the investment or company structured well? Are there legal troubles waiting around the corner? We can do the evaluation for you.

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"We believe that entrepreneurs that tell compelling stories and are backed by sound legal advice have the power to change the world."

-T.C. Waugh, Co-Founder, Decentra Group

The Support You Need.


The road leading up to a capital raise is rough and loaded with pitfalls and setbacks. By surrounding yourself with experienced professionals, you can decrease the risk of stumbling over problems that could have been avoided.

Decentra Legal takes a methodical approach to evaluating risks through our proprietary Due Diligence Evaluation Method, our Terms & Conditions Checklist and our Investor's Bill of Rights. With our experienced escrow services, we also allow our clients to transact with confidence and peace of mind.

When it comes to marketing strategy, the Decentra Group's Marketing Team has the experience you need when it comes to telling a compelling story...clearly.


Latest News from THE Decentra Group

Decentra Group is proud to announce that it has recently joined the Chamber of Digital Commerce, a Washington D.C. advocacy group focused on the cryptocurrency and blockchain industries. Decentra Group is a member of their Token Alliance and their Global Blockchain Forum.

Decentra Group is now the point-of-entry for the highest caliber projects into the world of due-diligence reporting. Through an agreement with Dow Jones, Decentra Group is paving the way for accountability, credibility and transparency in investment due-diligence.


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